Regulations of Beach Volleyball Business Cup Gdansk 2018

  1.         Definitions

    Terms listed below shall have meaning as follows:

    1)    Terms and conditions – shall mean regulations stipulated hereinafter

    2)    Organizer – shall mean Human Concept&Solutions Monika Reszko, with headquarters in Gdynia, REGON number: 871639609 and NIP number:767-144-59-39.

    3)    Submitting party – shall mean an entrepreneur within the meaning as of art. 431 of polish civil code, who submit his employees for participation in the Tournament by the application form.

    4)    Participant – shall mean the Submitting party’s employee filled in the application form for participation in the Tournament.

    5)    Team – shall mean a team made of Participants submitted by the Submitting party under the name as specified in the application form, consisting of maximal 4 persons in the FUN group or maximal 2 persons in PRO group.

    6)    Application form – shall mean an electronic application form on the official website of the Tournament ( ) by which participation in the Tournament shall be submitted.

    7)    Tournament – shall mean sport event under the name of “Beach Volleyball Business Cup Gdańsk 2018” which shall  take place on 16th June 2018 on “Stadion Letni" Gdańsk Brzeźno, Poland.

    8)    Participant’s card – shall mean a form filled in by the Participant and handed on to the Organizer by the Submitting party, containing basic information and statements regarding to Participant ; scan of the Participant’s card should be delivered to the Organizer via e-mail and the original card via ordinary post addressed on Organiser or in person.

    9)    Confirmation of application– shall mean an e-mail message sent out by the Organizer within 7 days from submitting Application form as a confirmation receipt of application.

    10)    Confirmation of participation – shall mean an e-mail message sent out by the Organizer within 7 days from the Application fee payment, as a confirmation receipt of the Submitting party participation in the Tournament.

    11)    PZPS – shall mean Polski Związek Piłki Siatkowej (Polish Volleyball Association).

    12)    WZPS – shall mean Wojewódzkie Związki Piłki Siatkowej, (Polish Regional Volleyball Associations),

    13)    Small points proportion – shall mean proportion between amount of points gained to amount of points lost in all sets played by the Team during the Tournament.

    14)    FIVB – shall mean the Federation Internationale de Volleyball.

    15)    Application fee – shall mean a fee which Submitting party is obliged to pay to the Organizer’s bank account as indicated in the pro forma invoice in accordance with these terms and conditions; payment of Application fee is a condition of participation in the Tournament

    II.         Goals of the Tournament

    1)    Integration of the Submitting party’s employees during sport competition.

    2)    Rules of fair competition promotion.

    3)    Physical activity and healthy life style promotion among residents of Poland.

    4)    Beach volleyball promotion and popularization as a simple form of physical activity.

           III.        Organizer Duties

  1. 1)    The Organizer shall provide 4 beach volleyball court fields equipped with proper volleyball nets. Each playground shall have the following dimensions: 16x8 m (two halves – each of 8x8 m).

    2)    The Organizer shall also provide balls to play the Tournament matches.

    3)    The Organizer shall provide side court field intended for warming up of the Teams currently not playing in Tournament matches. The Organiser does not provide balls for the warming up teams – liability in that matter lies on the Submitting party.

    4)    The Organizer shall provide referees for the whole Tournament and also cups and medals for the Teams which shall take 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the Tournament.

    IV.         Participation terms

    1)    Only non-professional people may be submitted for Tournament participation as Participants. A person is regarded as non-professional if such person was not put in for any kind of play by WZPS and PZPS during 2016/2017 and/or 2017/2018 seasons. This provision does not apply to people who despite of being put in for play, have not played any match during current season.

    2)    The Submitting party may submit for the Tournament participation up to two Teams of two persons each and two Teams of four persons each (except winner previous edition BVB Cup). The Submitting party is obliged to indicate the Team type – FUN or PRO.

    3)    Condition of participation in the Tournament is to hand over to the Organizer the filled Application form, filled Participant’s card for each and every Participant and pay Application fee.

    4)    To become a Participant a person has to be adult (at least 18 years old) submitted by the Submitting party in the Application form and has to be the Submitting party’s employee.

    5)    Closing date for the Application forms submission is the 2 June 2018. Out of consideration for limited number of participants, the Organizer reserves the right to set earlier closing date.

    6)    Upon receipt of the Application form, the Organizer shall send the Submitting party – to the e-mail address set out in the Application form – the Confirmation of the Application form receipt along with the Participant’s cards templates.

    7)    Following the Participant’s cards completion by the Participants, the Submitting party shall forthwith deliver duly filled Participant’s cards on to the Organizer – scanned copy via e-mail and originals via ordinary post to the Organizer’s address or in person till the Tournament date.

    8)    Upon receiving duly filled in Participant’s cards, the Organizer shall send to the Submitting Party – via e-mail – pro forma invoice stating due date and the bank account number on basis of which the Submitting party shall pay the Application fee. The date of payment is considered as the date of crediting the Organizers bank account with the full amount of payment.

    9)    Upon receiving full payment of the Application fee, the Organizer shall send the Submitting party – to the e-mail address stated by the Submitting party in the Application form – the Confirmation of participation.

    10)    Failure to timely pay the Application fee may result in the Team not being allowed to participate in the Tournament.

    11)    Within 14 days from the Application fee payment, the Organizer shall issue advance invoice to the Submitting party, which shall be sent to the e-mail address stated by the Submitting party in the Application form.

    12)    Participants assigned to the particular Team may represent only that Team, without possibility to change team.

    13)    The Organizer reserves the right to disqualify the Team in the event of:

    1. putting in the Tournament a participant that has not been beforehand submitted in the Application form
    2. participant inappropriate play or behavior that disturb performance of the Tournament.

    14)    The Submitting party agrees to non-exclusive, free of charge, for indefinite period of time use by the Organizer logo and the name of the Submitting party as well as information on the Submitting Party’s participation in the Tournament for the marketing and advertisement purposes only which purposes aim to promote further editions of the Tournament. Permission may be withdrawn at any time by the Submitting party written notice.


     V.         Application fees

    1)    Following Application fees applies:

    1. PLN 1000.00 net (say: PLN one thousand net) – for submitting each one Team i.e in the FUN group or PRO group.

    2)    The Organizer shall charge a proper VAT tax rate to the Fee which is applicable at the date of pro forma invoice issuance.

    3)    The Submitting party agrees to receive the invoice from the Organizer in electronic form to the e-mail address put in the Application form.

    4)    Application fees are not subject to any refunds, unless this terms and conditions state otherwise.

    5)    Application fees may not be allocated from one Submitting party to another nor from this edition of Tournament to another edition of the Tournament (from this year to future years).


    VI.         Tournament gameplays rules

    1)    Tournament shall be played in nice and friendly atmosphere, in respect of fair play rules and the Participants undertake to abide by those rules.

    2)    Two types of teams are available: FUN and PRO. Each FUN team may be made up of 4 (say: four) Participants and each PRO team my be made up of 2 (say: two) Participants.

    3)    The Tournament shall be played with the participation of up to 32 teams (say: thirty-two): 16 teams in the FUN Group and 16 teams in PRO group.

    4)    The Tournament shall comprise two stages – Group stage and Cup stage during one day (on 16th June 2018).

    5)    The Organizer shall determine the number of the Teams in each group, as well as terms of promotion of the Teams from each group (the number of the Teams which shall be promoted from each group) from the Group stage to the Cup stage after the final closing of the list of the submitted Teams. Information as above shall be passed on the Submitting parties by the Organizer.

    6)    [Group stage] In the group stage, matches shall be played in the peer system format, that is every Team shall play against all the other Teams in their current group.

    7)    Group stage applies to FUN Teams only.

    8)    For every match won in the group stage the Team shall be awarded with 2 (say: two) big points.

    9)    For every match lost in the group stage the Team shall be awarded with 1 (say: one) big point.

    10)    The score of each Team in the group shall be determined on basis of the number of – respectively: wins gained, sets relation, Small points proportion, the bigger amount of small points and direct duel.

    11)     [Cup stage] In the Cup stage, matches shall be played in double-elimination system, in which all Teams starts in the Upper bracket in randomly drawn positions. Losing a match moves the losing Team to the Lower bracket. In the Lower bracket the losing Team play with subsequent losing Team. The second lost match of current Team eliminates the Team from Tournament. The winning Team in the current bracket advances into another level in which such Team plays with the subsequent winning Team left in that bracket.

    12)    Previous section does not apply to the Teams dropped out in semi-final matches – those two Teams shall play against each other for the third position in the Tournament.

    13)    The Organizer holds the right to disqualify the whole Team if, after prior calling, the Team is not present at the court field to play the match (i.e. “the walkover:). Disqualified Team gains no points for the match, whereas the opponent Team gains two big points.

    14)    The Organizer holds the right to divide the Tournament matches subject to male, female and/or mixed matter. Such decision shall be made upon closing the list of applications.

    15)    The Teams shall be allocated to particular groups and brackets by the way of draw during organizational meeting date and place of which shall be specified by the Organizer via e-mail message after closing registration process. The organizational meeting may be attended by the representatives of the Submitting parties.

    16)    The Organizer within 1 day after the organizational meeting shall send to the Submitting parties, via e-mail indicated in the Applications forms, detailed scheduled of matches and allocation of Teams to particular groups. The Submitting party is responsible for providing such information on to the Participants – the Team members.

    17)    The Tournament shall be subject to the rules of beach volleyball of FIVB for the period from 2015 to 2018 adopted by PZPS – available on the website

    18)    In the event of bad weather conditions and/or other circumstance independent on the Organizer which may indispose the Tournament, the Tournament may be shorten and/or moved to different location. Any changes the Organizer shall be announced on the website

    VII.         Resignation from Tournament participation

    1)    Resignation from the Tournament participation should be filed by the Submitting party by e-mail message sent to the following address: .

    2)    Resignation should be filed in not later than 15 days before the date of the Tournament.

    3)    Resignation filed within the term mentioned in section VII.2) above grants refund 100 % of paid Application fee to the Submitting party.

    4)    Resignation filled in after term mentioned in sec. VII.2) above, the Organizer shall withhold the Application fee and shall not be obliged to make any refunds.

    5)    The Organizer shall send to the Submitting party an e-mail message confirming receipt of resignation.

    6)    If Participant may not attend the Tournament due to the circumstance beyond his control, the Organizer holds the right to allow participation of another person in exchange for such Participant, however that new Participant has to meet the requirements of participation in the Tournament which are set out in these Terms and Conditions.

    7)    Replacement of the Participant who may not attend the Tournament as mentioned above with the new person, should be effected in written, via e-mail message sent to the following address: not later than 5 running days prior to the date of the Tournament.

    8)    In the justified case, including but not limited to the Participants injury, the Submitting party, with Organizer’s consent, is entitled to replace one Team member not later than two days prior to the scheduled date of the Tournament. In such event the Submitting party is  obliged to contact the Organizer in order to obtain additional Participant’s card. Duly filled original Participant’s card should be delivered to the Organizer not later than the Tournament commencement date. The Organizer holds the right to refuse to issue further Participant’s card at his own discretion.

    VIII.         Liability

    1)    The Organizer shall not be liable for the events of force majeure. Force majeure is defined as circumstance beyond the Organizer’s control, which cause or may cause obligations arising from this Terms and Conditions impossible to perform or may be regarded as impossible to perform with reference to such circumstances. Force majeure shall include – among other things that may fall within the definition above – weather conditions, breakdown of or interruption in operation of power, heat, light supply devices, war actions and/or acts of public authorities (state and/or municipal) in the scope that affect or may affect performance of the obligations.

    2)    Cancelation of the Tournament in the events as mentioned in sec. VIII.1, provisions of sec. VII.3 applies respectively.

    3)    Neither the Organizer nor any of his employees and/or subcontractors and/or people acting for the Organizer associated with the organization of the Tournament, shall not be liable for any losses whatsoever, including but not limited to personal injury and/or property losses of the Participants that occurred before, during and/or after the Tournament, which may be associated with the Tournament. Every Participant participates the Tournament at his/her own risk, in particular risk of injury and/or other health consequences fall solely on the Participants, including consequences arising out of the health condition. If the Participant is not sure about his/her capabilities to participate in the Tournament, then should consult appropriate doctor. Application and participation in the Tournament means that there are no objections of any nature that could prevent the Participant from participation. 

    4)    The Participants shall be liable for all and any losses caused by them to other Participants and third parties.

    5)    The Organizer shall not be liable for any collisions, random accidental events and/or accidents whatsoever that may occurre during the Tournament.

    6)    The Organizer shall not be liable for any property/moveables whatsoever left unattended.

    7)    The Participants should take out insurance policy on their own. 

    IX.         Final provisions.

    1)    In case of doubt regarding to Terms and Conditions provisions The Organizer holds the sole right of interpretation of those provisions

    2)    Should any provisions of these Terms and Conditions are held – entirely or partly – invalid or unenforceable, then all the other provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

    3)    The Organizer holds the right to decide on the matters not regulated by these Terms and Conditions.

    4)    Public authorities may issue their own instructions in accordance with current law.

    5)    The Organizer holds the right to expel from the Tournament site any Participant due to inappropriate misconduct, influence of alcohol, drugs and/or other substances affecting mind and conduct. Such Participants Team shall become disqualified.

    6)    The Participants and/or the Submitting parties are forbidden to record sound and/or vision of the Tournament without the Organizer’s prior written consent.

    7)    Matters not governed by these terms and conditions, shall be governed by applicable Polish laws, including Polish Civil Code.

    8)    Lack of acquaintance with these terms and conditions does not discharge the Participants or the Submitting parties from abiding by the terms and conditions.

    9)    The Organizer may anytime amend the Terms and Conditions.

    10) These Terms and Conditions are available at:

    1. the website of the Tournament
    2. the information point on the Tournament site.

    11)    These Terms and Conditions come into force at the date of placing them on the website of the Tournament.

    12)    Each and any disputes directly or indirectly arising from or relating to the Tourmnament, shall be construed and controlled by the laws of The Republic of Poland and any dispute arising under Tournament or these Terms and Conditions shall be submitted to the Polish common court competent for the Organizer’s registered address.

    13)    Sending the Application form and/or Participating in the Tournament means acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

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